iink™ Payments provides fast and easy access to property insurance payments for restoration professionals.


iink™ Professional

1check + shipping
  • Mortgage endorsement admin
  • Disbursement tracking
  • FedEx label integration
  • Insurance payment admin
  • Direction of payment requests
  • Depreciation & supplement requests
  • $25 min / $150 max per claim + shipping
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iink™ Payments

  • Mobile multi-party check deposit
  • ACH direct deposit in 2-5 days
  • Identity verification
  • Digital endorsements
  • Max check amount $1,500,000
  • Processing fees auto-drafted
  • Add iink NOW for 1.95%
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iink™ Now

  • Access check funds immediately
  • ACH direct deposit in 24 hours
  • iink™ Professional included
  • iink™ Payments included
  • Non-monitored claims only
  • 30 day check disbursement guarantee
  • Fee rebate available when repaid sooner
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Claim Entered

Required documents and claim details uploaded to iink™ system through our user-friendly web or mobile interface.

Document Review

iink™ sends welcome email and mortgage verification to the primary insured while submitted info and docs are reviewed.

Document Signatures

iink™ emails the auto-filled endorsement package to all payees for authorization and DocuSign e-signatures.

Package Submission

Endorsement package is submitted for mortgage review. iink™ handles all the follow up and keeps you updated throughout the process.

Claim Check Sent

Endorsement instructions and shipping labels are provided by iink™ for mailing the check to the mortgage company.

Funds Disbursed

Package review completed and funds are disbursed by mortgage company with expedited return to homeowner and/or contractor.

Repairs Completed

As the contractor finishes repairs, iink™ coordinates inspections and disbursement payments with the mortgage company.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With iink™, everyone can rest assured that their insurance proceed processing will be completed quickly, efficiently, and securely.

  • Stop chasing payments and focus on what makes you more money
  • Ensure your property claim checks are made available for deposit as quickly as possible
  • Eliminate the need to manage the insurance claim payments process
  • Reduce errors and oversights that delay access to funds
  • Increase cash flow and reserves
  • iink Professional: 2-3 weeks, on average
  • iink NOW: 24 hours
iink is developing integrations with industry leading platforms to provide the best user experience while accessing insurance claim check funds. Please ask a team member how we can make the process easiest for you in the meantime. We appreciate your feedback and support!
  • Users provide iink with insurance claim and check information iink verifies information required all parties
  • This includes mortgage verification info direct from the Insured(s) AND
  • Additional documentation required by the mortgage company
  • iink prepares and requests e-signatures for the mortgage package iink submits completed package to the mortgage company iink provides
  • User(s) with 2-day FedEx label for the check iink handles all correspondence with mortgage company
  • iink notifies all parties when funds are released
  • Everything included with iink Professional PLUS
  • Check is endorsed “For Mobile Deposit Only At Avidia Bank”
  • 95% of check funds made available to Customer’s business bank account after FedEx scans the shipping label for pickup of the check
  • When check is returned from the mortgage company, User(s) are provided iink Payments link to upload picture of the back of the check
  • Funds are repaid to iink and the balance of the holdback is returned to the Customer’s iink account
  • Contact name, phone number, and email address
  • Professional license (if required by state; must be current and active)
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • W-9
Public Adjuster
  • Contact name, phone number, and email address
  • Professional license (if required by state; must be current and active)
  • W-9
  • Contact name, phone number, and email address
  • Professional bar number (if required by state; must be current and active)
  • W-9
iink Professional
  • Must be a valid insurance restoration professional
iink NOW
  • Must provide identity verification
  • Must be in business for more than 6 months
  • Must have a US-based business bank account
iink Payments
  • Must have a US-based business bank account
  • 256-bit encryption SOC II
  • Type 2 compliance and data monitoring
  • In compliance with GLBA, FTC, FinCEN, Nacha, ECCHO, TPPPA
  • iink utilizes banking-level security, processes, and data management with our entire technology platform.
  • All transactions are safe, secure, and insured against fraudulent activity.
  • iink NOW and iink Payments are provided in partnership with Avidia Bank, member FDIC.
iink is not a check-cashing business. We are a payments platform that utilizes technology to help facilitate the verification, endorsement and direction of payment for multi-party checks.

iink fees are billed at completion of service which means check funds have been verified, endorsed and disbursed to the authorized recipient(s). Fees are automatically deducted from the Customer’s iink account or invoiced if automatic billing was not an option for the service provided.

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