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September 4, 2019

iink Endorsements joins DCU FinTech Innovation Center

Boston, MA — iink Endorsements announced today that it will be joining the Boston-based FinTech Innovation Center, DCU, as one of their distinguished summer cohorts.

This partnership positions iink to work closely with leaders in Boston’s FinTech industry, who will provide mentorships, guidance, and advice, as well as networking and connections to key partnerships for further growth of the iink platform.

As part of this new relationship, iink will have access to a shared workspace environment to encourage collaboration around disrupting the FinTech and InsurTech industries. The focus for iink will be on the customer experience and satisfaction as it relates to their core business.

“The current industry process for payments of claims is tedious and slow, which adds unneeded stress and delays to an already emotional and difficult time. We believe our efforts to provide electronic payment and verification solutions to property claims stakeholders will flourish quickly with everyone’s support at the Center,” said Ryan Holliday, Co-Founder and CEO at iink.

iink is currently seeking partnerships with mortgage banks and insurance providers to pilot and expand their payment solution technology to a broader audience.

About iink Endorsements

iink Endorsements was founded in 2017 by Ryan Holliday and Ken Lollar. iink believes homeowners and business owners can get their lives back faster after an insured property loss.

iink’s platform automates the homeowner’s claims and endorsements through a management platform. Through key partnerships with insurance, mortgage, and technology experts, iink creates a revolutionary, seamless experience for homeowners and contractors. iink is continually adding and expanding banking partnerships to reach more customers.

Through iink’s ground-breaking management platform, homeowners and business owners can receive their funds after a covered loss in as little as two weeks, a fraction of the time it often takes. “We had a catastrophic fire and our home needed to be rebuilt quickly. The mortgage company initially said they would only send us a third of the insurance money to start and that the whole process would take 6-8 months,” said Leslie K, Jacksonville, FL iink customer. “We decided to use iink and they worked with the mortgage company to release 75% of the money in just two weeks!”

About DCU FinTech Innovation Center

The DCU FinTech Innovation Center is a nonprofit accelerator program for FinTech startups dedicated to providing seed-stage startups with what they need for success: mentorship, workspace, a professional network, and community.


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