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February 1, 2019

iink Endorsements Processes Million Dollar Check

Boston, MA — iink Endorsements announced today that a check for over $1,000,000 was processed through their groundbreaking digital endorsement platform.

“This is an exciting milestone,” said iink co-founder and CEO, Ryan Holliday. “Processing a check of this size shows that the FinTech industry is ready to take on the status quo and revolutionize both the financial and insurance industries. Given the size of the check, iink was under even more scrutiny than usual. Because of the amazing tool our team has created, we were able to process the check without any problems.”

The homeowner came to iink through a referral of another customer, and they were overwhelmed with how easy iink made the whole process. “Usually, a check this size would take up to four months to process,” said Holliday. “With iink, we were able to release the funds to the customer in a little over six weeks.”

The check, for $1,059,197.96, was a reimbursement for damage to the homeowner’s property during Hurricane Michael in October 2018. iink processed the check, which included a structured disbursement of funds that included multiple parties and a mortgage payoff.

About iink Endorsements

iink Endorsements was founded in 2017 by Ryan Holliday and Ken Lollar. iink believes homeowners and business owners can get their lives back faster after an insured property loss.

iink’s platform automates the homeowner’s claims and endorsements through a management platform. Through key partnerships with insurance, mortgage, and technology experts, iink creates a revolutionary, seamless experience for homeowners and contractors. iink is continually adding and expanding banking partnerships to reach more customers.

Through iink’s ground-breaking management platform, homeowners and business owners can receive their funds after a covered loss in as little as two weeks, a fraction of the time it often takes. “We had a catastrophic fire and our home needed to be rebuilt quickly. The mortgage company initially said they would only send us a third of the insurance money to start and that the whole process would take 6-8 months,” said Leslie K, Jacksonville, FL iink customer. “We decided to use iink and they worked with the mortgage company to release 75% of the money in just two weeks!”


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